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25 Prescott St.
West Hartford, CT 06110
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Who We Are

In 1971, the idea of providing temporary engineering services for Connecticut's design, production and technical industries seemed far-fetched, if not a little ahead of it's time. Today, with over 150 engineers, designers and technicians on the job, the concept of capable, available engineering help on an as-needed basis has blossomed into a mature business service.

What We Do

We are ready (at short notice) to put an engineering specialist in your company. They will be trained in the particular area of expertise you need to sit down and go to work the day they arrive. Our recent assignments have included everything from oceanographic research, facilities management, architectural as-builts to jet engine blade analysis and everything in between.

By constantly soliciting qualified people from all over the US, we are able to offer you the best trained and most outstanding technicians and engineers in the field. We also enjoy a reputation for only supplying the most reliable and precise engineering for your project.

Our selectivity is attested to by the hundreds of engineers who from all over the US have gone on from temporary work at Reid Engineering Services to permanent positions with companies like yours.

Contact us and we'll have an engineer at your office tomorrow for as long as you need them.


Reid Engineering Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer