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In-House Expertise

Not every temporary job is suited to on-site work at your plant. Perhaps you just don’t have the space and equipment or don’t want to bring in outside people at a stage in your project. Reid Engineering Services has a modern drawing and designing office in West Hartford, convenient to Hartford and most major highways. We would be happy to bring your next special project into our office where it can receive the undivided attention of one or more of our staff engineers. An additional advantage of in-house production for you is the availability of technical experts in all areas who can oversee or contribute to your project while it is in our facility.

On-Site Expertise

You need highly trained technical personnel. The problem is that you may need a full staff for all the projects you are working on. That’s how Reid Engineering Services rounds out your staff with the technical personnel who can walk in and start producing for you at the quality level and accuracy you demand.

Our clients save as much as 75% of their normal overhead using our temporary staff for peak load assignments or special, one-time only projects. By adding and removing contract engineers and technicians, your productivity can be kept high without the draining and morale-sapping effect of layoffs and staff changes.

And without any major commitment or financial outlay, you can add to your engineering resources. We’ll give you the staff you need to complete that project you might have had to turn down.


Reid Engineering Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer